About the Fourth Degree - The Patriotic Degree of our Order


    On February 22, 1900, the first exemplification of the Fourth Degree was held in the New York City. To the three principles of our Order -- Charity, Unity and Fraternity -- a final lesson was added: the virtue of Patriotism. The focus of the Fourth Degree is on this principle, an abiding love for, and devotion to, one's country. The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of, and loyalty to, the Knights' respective countries through membership in a local Fourth Degree group, called an "assembly."


    The structure of the Fourth Degree consists of the Supreme Assembly, Provinces, Districts, and Assemblies.

The Supreme Assembly is composed of the Supreme Master, Supreme Knight, Supreme Secretary, and Vice Supreme Masters. Their duties are to give careful consideration to all matters concerning the welfare of the Fourth Degree. Each province and provincial assembly is headed by a Vice Supreme Master, who has general supervision over masters, assemblies, and Fourth Degree Exemplifications in his province. Each province is divided into districts. Each assembly district is composed of the Faithful Navigator and one delegate for each 100 members in each assembly in the district. Each district is headed by a Master who has been appointed by the Supreme Master.


    An assembly is established by Fourth Degree members in an area by requesting the Master of the District to petition the Vice Supreme Master to recommend to the Supreme Master and Board of Directors to create an Assembly. Thus, our assembly is the Father Anthony Rey #3617, founded in March of 2016, and comprised of members from four councils. Our current Faithful Navigator is Sir Knight Bill Barrett.



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Father Anthony Rey Assembly 3617

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    On March 18, 2016 the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council’s Committee on Charters approved the establishment of the Fr. Anthony Rey Assembly 3617 in Tucson Arizona. Fifty-two Sir Knights from the St Odilia Council 6933, the Bishop Francis J Green Council 11855, the Sacred Heart Council 14621, and the Our Lady of the Desert Council 15704 become charter members of the new Assembly.

Assembly Number 3617- A STRONG Number, a PRIME Number, DIVISIBLE only by itself...

by our actions working together, we all get to determine what our Assembly will become...

Fr Anthony Rey

1st Catholic Military Chaplain Killed In Action

     Anthony Rey (born at Lyon, France, 19 March 1807; died near Ceralvo, Mexico, 19 January 1847) was a French Jesuit academic, and U.S. Army Chaplain during the Mexican-American War. He was the first Catholic chaplain killed during service with the United States military.


    He studied at the Jesuit college of Fribourg in Switzerland, entered the novitiate, 12 November 1827, and subsequently taught at Fribourg. In 1840 he was sent to the United States, appointed professor of philosophy in Georgetown College, and in 1843 transferred to St. Joseph's Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fluent in French and German, Father Rey was able to preach in English three months after arriving in the United States. He became assistant to the Jesuit provincial of Maryland, pastor of Trinity Church, Georgetown, and vice-president of the college (1845).


    Appointed as one of the first two official Catholic chaplains in the U.S. Army in May 1846, he ministered to the wounded and dying at the siege of Monterrey; after the capture of the city, he remained with the army at Monterrey and learned Spanish in order to preach to the rancheros of the neighborhood. Against the advice of the U.S. officers, he set out for Matamoros, preaching to a congregation of Americans and Mexicans at Ceralvo. It is conjectured that he was killed by a band under the leader Antonio Canales Rosillo, as his body was discovered, pierced with lances, a few days later.


    His death was a blow not only to the US troops, but also to the Mexicans for whom he was simply a priest, for he had dedicated himself to serving them no less than his own men.

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